Here you will find Croissy’s must-see attractions.
Historical sites, places of stroll or passion.

I cheat a little bit by including the Tattoo Fair, but I love it and I find things there every session!

Moreover, some of the apartment’s decorative objects come from there.

Come on, let’s go!

Façade du château Chanorier à Croissy

Chanorier Castle

Named after the first mayor of Croissy, elected shortly after the revolution, this castle was built in the middle of the 18th century. It is a very beautiful building, very pleasant to visit and regularly hosts beautiful exhibitions. On the street side, it offers an elegant facade. Pay attention to the wrought iron railing on the balcony. On the other side, you have a large and beautiful park, which has been preserved from developers. And you will fully enjoy this garden if you have lunch or dinner in the castle’s restaurant, La verrière. In short, a pleasant place to live where the croissillons like to walk, Bertrand and I are the first…

Saint-Leonard Chapel

1211: This pretty little Gothic church, built at the beginning of the 13th century, is dedicated to Saint-LĂŠonard de Noblat.
2018 - February 14: La verrière restaurant organizes for the first time the Valentine’s Day dinner! Bertrand and I were there, of course!
An exceptional place to live a moment of happiness with your love, no?
Between the two dates, an eventful history. In 1882, the church was closed to worship. Since 1980, it has hosted exhibitions of painting and sculpture and even concerts, much to the delight of the croissillons.


The charity house and the Place d’Aligre

In the extension of Boulevard Hostachy, head towards the Seine, taking the pretty rue Péron. Shortly before the Seine, you will arrive at a large harmonious square, planted with lime trees, the Place d’Aligre. On one side, you will notice a large house, called a Charity house. In this house built in 1852, the Sisters of Charity operated a dispensary, a boarding school and a girls’ school. The other part of the building housed the boys’ communal school. Today, various artistic activities are organized there.


The Virgin of the Boulevard

At the beginning of Hostachy Boulevard, so lift your nose, if you are attentive, you will find a pretty statue of a virgin with the child. For a long time, and every year, it was the subject of a procession of croissillonnes.


The seigneurial gallows

Bbbrrrrrrrr… Located about opposite 2, avenue des tilleuls, here is a place certainly original, there are not many more in France, but a little. scary! In feudal times, three wooden gallows stood there. Horrible, isn’t it? They were also placed at the entrance to the village, so that everyone could be inspired by virtue.


The banks of the Grenouillère

The Grenouillère, composed of two floating barges with a cafÊ-bal and bathing cabins, was installed in 1858. Destroyed in 1928, it was restored by the Association des Amis de la Grenouillère to the exact location of the Camembert of the time (emblematic islet of the guinguette) in 1999. It can be accessed from the Bougival bridge or the Impressionists park in Chatou.
If you are in Croissy, don’t hesitate for a second to go for a walk on these banks! The Seine and the diversity of the greens that border it are a delight for the eyes! It is easy to understand why the Impressionists painted many of their paintings there, such as Monet and Renoir…


The Grenouillère Museum

What a beautiful visit Bertrand and I made to this croissillon museum, small of course but so charming! What an emotion we felt in front of all these paintings, various objects, engravings, all witnesses of the Grenouillère, this incredible floating coffee and its weekly ball. Every week, on the occasion of his jogging, Bertrand passes right by this prestigious place, so rich in memory, lightness and emotion.
And then, right next door, you can also visit the local history museum!


The Josephine House

Dare to enter this beautiful apartment building: you will immediately be charmed by this pretty interior garden. And, very soon you will feel the weight of the story. In the 1780s, this place was the second home of Queen Marie-Antoinette’s secretary and chambermaid.
A little later, Josephine took refuge in this place under terror. Did you know that for a time she feared being one of too many victims of terror? We know his prestigious future and his glorious marriage to the great Napoleon.
Later, under the Directory, Barras organized great celebrations there.


The Chatou fair

The Chatou fair is a must for lovers of second-hand goods and antiques. Twice a year, in March and September, it takes place on the island of the Impressionists with more than 110 exhibitors! Initially, it originated in the Middle Ages with the Ham Fair, a great Gallic tradition. It was installed on boulevard Bourdon in 1840 and then moved to boulevard Richard Lenoir in 1869 where it remained for nearly a century. It was not until 1970 that she came to occupy the island of the Impressionists in Chatou. Often criticized for the high cost of the objects on display, I can assure you that it is worth a visit because there are also all kinds of small and large objects at affordable prices. And the good-natured atmosphere is very pleasant. In addition, Bertrand and I enjoy having lunch there, in one of the guinguettes on Boulevard Voltaire, the alley dedicated to regional specialities.